Tuesday, June 29, 2010

lets play catch up!

Hey guys,

Who to blame for the major delays in updates? Me of course, but in my defence, I didn't exactly have wireless internet following me around (I passed just ONE town in 1500km of riding). Also, in the odd places that I did find internet, I often also found hot showers, comfy beds and interesting people, all of whom I will have to write about eventually.

I should have no trouble giving you interesting stories from now on though, because guess what?! I'm in Perth! I arrived on the west coast, and had an icy (but welcome) swim in the Indian Ocean, 55 days after rolling out of Bondi.

I am 5kg heavier than when I left Sydney, and despite my recent lifestyle switch from torturous hills to lattes and microbrewery sessions, my achilles and knees are still carrying war wounds. Bring on the massages! My bicycle is carrying its own set of wounds, and I'm hoping we will both recover before too long.

So with plenty of internet, and a lot of spare time, I should be able to share the second half of my adventure pronto.

For those non-believers who waited to see if I made it before donating, now is a good time :p


Thank you for the continuous support throughout my journey!


  1. Hi Paul,

    This might be a longshot since this was posted in 2010, but I'll give it a go anyway. One of my Australian friends remembered you doing this back 2010 and told me to check it out.

    I'm thinking of riding across Australia and was wondering if you have some time to answer a couple of questions.

    - In the terms of money, what was your total budget (bike, equipment, repairs, food, drink, shelter etc.)?
    - Would you recommend side-bags OR one of those bike trailers for kids?
    - Having to carry a lot of the food with you, what you recommend that would survive the Australia heat (and outback) where there is little/no shops?

    Thanks again!

    Tom-Daniel L.

    1. PS. Here's my email address: tom.d.laugerud@gmail.com

  2. Same as above! I'm doing the ride early next year and any help would be greatly appreciated.




  3. Dear Paul,

    I'm from Hong Kong and planing a trip from Perth to Uluru. I would like to have some more detail info about your trip for my reference.