Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 days until departure!!!

Most people I speak to: "3 days... are you ready?"
Me: "...eer...ummm, no. Haha!"
Most people: "you're crazy!"
Me: "Hahahaha I know hahaha I haven't even got half my gear hahaha"
End of conversation.

Mentally, I am ready to go. I am ready for the adventure. Ready for the challenge. Ready for the burning thighs, the cold nights and the feeling of freedom.

Physically, I 'think' I'm ready to go. Despite no gruelling training regime, I feel confident and fairly fit. My sister put my ride into context when she outlined that I am not a cyclist, and in fact only got my bike a couple of weeks ago. James went one step further when he pointed to Day 1 on my itinerary and asked if I had ever ridden that distance. I looked at the 126km written next to Day 1 with new respect and shook my head. No doubt this is going to be tough!

People roll their eyes when I jokingly tell them I will do my training along the way, but it's true that your body is amazing at adapting to its environment. Plus, because I am going by myself, my pace and itinerary are almost as flexible as my dislocating joints :p

Gear wise, I have to admit, I have a long way to go. I have written a list of equipment that I will take on my journey and highlighted the items that I have in my possession. About 50% of the list is highlighted, and although most of the missing items are small, they will make my journey MUCH more comfortable: insect repellent, vaseline, bike shorts, hand sanitiser, tube repair kit, maps! Haha I don't even know how to get out of Bondi on Day 1, but of course this is all part of the fun.

A huge shout out to those who have been super supportive on the facebook group, and to those who have gone one step further and shown this support through their donations to the Starlight Children's Foundation. You guys are the ones who will keep my legs pumping when the energy is gone and I'm on my last banana. For those who would like to donate, please visit the donation page via the link below, it makes ALL the difference:

Lastly, for those of you worrying, take comfort in the fact that what I lack in organisation and fitness, I make up for in being awesome :p I'll be fine.

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