Friday, May 28, 2010


Having already halved my ride the day before, I had an easy roll into Morgan. I was once again enjoying being on the Goyder Highway (Hwy #64 for those interested), and made Morgan by around midday. Greg at The Commercial Hotel, immediately donated me a sizeable room on top of his pub, and I was chuffed to find it facing the Murray River. I had to laugh when I first met Greg and one of his regular customers in the pub. Greg told her that I was cycling from Sydney to Perth, and she said "woah, I saw a guy on a bike crossing the Hay planes about a week ago, and I thought 'what a d*#k head!' It was probably you!" Bahahaha. Then she threw $5 on the bar for me. Haha classic. Later, Greg walked me around the back to show me a place I could leave my bike. He had the standard "Beware of the dog" sign on his back gate, and when it opened I was greeted by a fluffy little labrador puppy, not much bigger than those on the toilet paper commercials. Very cute. Huge thanks to Greg at The Commercial Hotel who was very generous without much fuss.

After a hot shower, I had a walk around town and visited every business there was! Buying a meat pie here, and a flavoured milk there. I didn't go into the RSL because it was closed, but I'm not sure how much I was missing out on...

(above: Morgan's RSL)

I also walked up to the top of a hill, appropriately called 'the lookout', and met a 77 year old lady marching along. We had a great chat and she must have told me she was addicted to bush walking 5 separate times. She sure looked active for her age though, and we agreed that an active life outdoors is a good life.

(above: The Commercial Hotel, as seen from the lookout)

(above: The Murray River, as seen from the lookout)

I liked Morgan a lot. Everyone I met was very friendly, and I even saw Greg having a beer and a game of pool at the pub across from his. I also got lucky with a surprise internet connection, while I was typing on a picnic table, eating a pizza and overlooking the river. Go Morgan!

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